Balochi Cuffs

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V I N T A G E   F I N D   &   O N E   O N L Y   |   Pair of cuffs from the Balochi Tribe of Southwestern Asia, likely the Sindhi Region; last century.

Features geometric etching, with a flower motif on the outer ends, reminiscent of Eastern-culture influences found on antique amulets from this area. Made of metal alloy, which was traditionally obtained by melting old jewellery and coins called "Alpaca".

These cuffs would have been proudly worn by a woman of Afghanistan, Pakistan, or perhaps Turkistan as a pair and - to honour their history - are sold as a pair only.

Vintage, so expect (charming) imperfection. Handle with care.

Size: each cuff is approximately 35grams (0.1lb) and 15mm (0.6in) high/thick; opening between ends is 32mm (1.25in); inner diameter is 56mm (2.2in)

Please note these cuffs are sturdily constructed, are not adjustable, and are suited to a narrow wrist

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