Jewellery Care

General Jewellery Care

Tribal Mine jewellery is handcrafted and, depending on the material, may require extra care to preserve it. Here are tips that will help to protect your jewellery as long as possible.

Pieces are best to be kept in a box and separated from other pieces. (Wrapped in a cloth in a semi-air-tight jewellery box is best.)

Avoid all contact with perfume, body lotions, hand sanitiser, or other chemicals. These are very damaging to your jewellery. For example, gold plated jewellery will tarnish and/or strip from the base metal, pearls may discolour, and stringed pieces may stretch.

Remove your Tribal Mine jewellery when bathing, showering or swimming.

Do not exercise while wearing Tribal Mine jewellery.

If needed, you may clean your jewellery occasionally. Wipe and gently buff with clean cloth to remove any residues.


Gold Plated Jewellery

Many of our jewellery pieces are gold plated, which is a fine layer of gold plate over base metal (silver or brass). After much wear, gold plated jewellery may rub off, exposing the base metal. The time that this takes varies between person to person due to your body’s natural chemicals.


Brass Jewellery

Brass is a ductile (or easily manipulated) material so care must be taken not to bend your jewellery.

When exposed to the air and your body’s natural chemicals, brass may develop marks unique to the wearer, and patina from bright to a darker colour. It may also develop green spots and transfer a green tinge to your skin if you get it wet. (For example, a brass ring may leave a green mark if your hands are sweaty.) This is not damaged brass, rather a natural reaction.

Brass is a combination of copper + zinc and is nickel-free. The proportions of copper and zinc create different coloured brass. As we use a mix of new and vintage brass in our designs, the colour of brass varies from piece to piece.


Pearls, Shell or Coral Components

Tribal Mine always uses genuine pearls, shells or coral and as delicate items, extra care must be taken with these components, even when storing your jewellery, as they can be very fragile.


Vintage metals and EPNS

At times, Tribal Mine creates jewellery from vintage components, where it is not possible to know what the metal is. Some items are made from ‘ESPN’ – or electro-silver-plated-nickel, which was very popular generations ago. It may not be suitable for those with a nickel allergy. As with any allergy or sensitivity, please stop wearing your jewellery and consult your doctor.

The charm of vintage items is that they are often imperfectly-perfect. Any marks on our vintage items are not considered defects, rather part of the jewellery’s story, one that you are continuing as its new custodian.

Always handle vintage items with the love and care they deserve.


Repair of your Tribal Mine Jewellery

Even with great care, jewellery can need some love over time! We offer a repair service for your Tribal Mine jewellery, only charging for parts and return shipping. For further information, please email