What makes Tribal Mine jewellery so unique?

Living and creating on Australia's beautiful Sunshine Coast - the traditional land of the Gubbi Gubbi People - the team at Tribal Mine showcase a limited range of unique jewellery with elements from global artisans.

Our thoughtfully curated collection is for the woman who cherishes repurposing a vintage find, and who sees the beauty in handmade; where the raw marks of the maker enhance each and every piece. 

Jewellery that tells a story

Central Asia, the Middle East and Northern Africa; Tribal Mine chooses perfectly-imperfect elements from exotic lands that are often vintage, and carry makers-marks and even blemishes. Jewellery is often considered a protective talisman. We adorn ourselves with jewellery to promote self-love and empowerment. When you choose Tribal Mine jewellery - particularly vintage jewellery - you become the new custodian and add to it's continuing story.

Tribal Mine Classic Signet Ring  Tribal Mine Crescent Shadow Cuff  Tribal Mine Necklace Detail  Tribal Mine Necklaces

We are inspired by the textures of nature, beautiful places, history, architecture and tribal stories, and bring together elements from different places and cultures, creating something truly unique.

Meet the maker


With a background in fine art and graphic design, and a lover of history, Catherine has always dabbled in sourcing and crafting unique jewellery. She has a particular passion for tribal design and tribal jewellery.

Catherine personally curates each Tribal Mine Collection. Many jewellery designs are created with elements she has collected while travelling extensively in Central America, South East Asia, and India.

 To get in touch, please email hello@tribalmine.com.au